Monday, March 12, 2007

Why Baby Jesus Why?!!

So many questions, so much drama! The suspense killing me! The question though is...... Why Jesus why did you let Sylar cut Peters bangs! Seriously the man had some serious pretty hair. Now, I want to clarify that I have many fictional TV boyfriends. He is not one of them. My Heroes TV boyfriend is actually Greg Grunberg aka Matt Parkman.

Yeah I know he’s not as pretty or in shape but he seems like he would be fun to hug and a good guy overall. Back to what is really important though- the hair. Do you think that with peters regenerating powers it will grow back? Never mind the fact that Sylar seems to be cutting open his head before the final scene of the episode! I’m sure peter will snap out of it and they will have an awesome face-off! What about mama Petrelli ! Is she a Hero? Will Claire ever be reunited with HRG? Will the Company kill HRG? SO MANY QUESTIONS! Unlike LOST though, HEROES moves along and answers what the fans want to know without making us want to jump off a bridge (you hear that LOST!). It also doesn’t hurt that there is some serious sexy on the
either. Like Sylars eyebrows. No new Heroes tonight:(

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