Saturday, March 17, 2007

Get your drink on! Plus newpeats

Happy St. Patrick's day weekend everyone! In honor of this alcoholic holiday comes a clip brought to you by NBC of the office crew getting their party on!

Also my opinion on Thursdays newpeats:

So I’m watching the office newpeat as we speak! No Internet connection so I can’t post this till tomorrow boooo for me! OK So the newpeats were repeats of The Traveling Salesman and The Return. Let me point out that if you haven’t watched the producers cut of THE RETURN this was a treat for you. The office has such great writers that they can't fit all the funny in a 20 min episode.If you did watch the producers cut on Itunes then you did’t really see anything new other than the Jim/Pam subplot of her art award. Which I will say was worth the hype of the newpeats.How CUTE IS PAM!!!

I think I like her more than Jim at this point!

There was also some Pam/Angela interactions that made me have some serious longing feelings for a Pam/Angela friendship to emerge.What do you think their new name will be? I mean there is already JAM and DWANGELA what will Pam/Angela be called?

Its no secret that I am a JAM shipper. This episode totally gave me a tiny glimmer of hope that something ANYTHING would happen before the season finale. I know what you all are thinking. It was just a high five!! WRONG! Subtle things matter on the office. They(the producers/writers) haven't given us any interactions Ala season 2 from Jim and Pam.It is interesting that they decided to introduce all of the deleted stuff into the plot line before they show a new episode again. The deleted scenes really change what my initial speculation was about the season finale. I guess we will have to wait and see. Great experiment on the producers part!

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