Sunday, March 11, 2007

It Breaks My FRAKing Heart: Battlestar Galactica

Wow. After last weeks explosive (literally) episode I wondered how everyone on the Battlestar would deal with Starbuck going Kabooooom. I don't believe she is gone for good, yeah yeah yeah I'm on the side that really believes she is part of the final five. She HAS to be ...right? Anyway Adama totally broke my heart in the opening scene.

Who would have thought that a man with a mug like that would make me want to cry and not because he is so scary. Doesn't he kind of look like an ex chicano gangsta who finally decided to get his life together and get out of Echo Park? This Show is seriously so Fraking dark and thought provoking. I love it. With that said I'm not going to go into my various theories about the show but I will post a picture of the lighter side of Battlestar. I first saw this picture in SCIFI magazine and went looking for a larger version online.

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