Wednesday, March 28, 2007

*Swoon* What a Dream Boat


As promised, here's a little bit more about John Krasinski. Yeah sure, The Office is fab And Leatherheads should be fun. But didja know that John recently pulled a Zach Braff?
As if sitcom life isn't demanding enough, John found the time to write and direct an adaptation of David Foster Wallace's very strange book of short stories Brief Interviews with Hideous Men?
The cast features some of my favorite actors whom we don't see as much I'd like: Josh Charles, whom I've crushed on in a Tiger Beat way ever since Dead Poets Society, and Ben Shenkman, who can sparkle in either a run-of-the-mill John Cusack romantic comedy or Angels in America. Anyway, if this movie is as good as I think it's gonna be, great things could happen for John.

So, you're writing and directing Brief Interviews with Hideous Men. How did that all come about?
I actually did a staged reading of it at Brown [University]. I was acting in all these funny little things but never really believed in anything until I did a staged reading of this. It sort of changed everything. I wrote a script, and it was incredible, the epitome of a passion project.

And this cast?
I'm so touched that anybody chose to participate.

Who was the best?
Everybody was great. Tim Hutton was incredible. Chris Meloni was phenomenal—watching these guys work, you realize how hard it is to be a director because it's so hard to do anything. So, I just sat by and watched these guys work.

Where do you stand now?
I'll be editing in May. I do The Office on the week and the Clooney movie on the weekend. But I keep saying, "One of these days I'll make it. One of these days I'll do a good thing."

You gonna have a big party when you're done with those projects?
I'll have a big party by editing my movie!
I don't like the comparison to Zach Braff. I loved Garden State but I lost so much trust for ZB after he worked on the movie The Last Kiss(thank god he didn't direct that piece of shiat!). Anyway, I am so reading this book before the movie comes out. Yes I'm a geek I know. Hopefully reading the book wont ruin the movie...who cares anyway right?

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