Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Stick With The Name!

There are so many things tied to a name. Take your own name for instance. Its probably tied up to credit,school,work ethic and lets not forget that feeling people get (either good or bad) when they hear it. Why change it especially when all things tied to it are great? Rumor on the street is that PRISON BREAK might not only be getting a name change but also a format change.

From article:
"Prison Break creator Paul Scheuring promises that eighty or ninety percent of the current storylines will be completely wrapped up by the end of this second season, and that they're going to "re-invent" the series once again, taking it in yet another direction.While Prison Break hasn't technically been renewed for a third season, Scheuring says Fox has been "champing at the bit" for more episodes. While the show was actually originally designed to have only two seasons, their ratings success has prompted the show-runners to re-think their original vision. Rumour has it that they may consider re-naming the show as well; after all, the prison break itself is long over with. "We've morphed the show again," says Scheuring, "allowing the original story to largely play itself out as originally conceived, but then move on to a next 'chapter'."

I have complete faith that Prison Break will continue to be a kick-arse show! I was one of the nay-sayers that didn't think the show would be as good once the Fox River inmates got out of prison. Thank goodness I was wrong because the show always has me biting my nails! Half the time I am closing my eyes or turning the other way for fear that one of my favorite characters might get axed!Now that's suspense! I really hope they keep the name even if they change the format because if they do change it I will always be saying "did you watch prison break last night..oops I mean [insert new name here]".

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