Saturday, March 17, 2007

Grey's Love & Hate List

SPOILER Alert for those who didn't watch this weeks Greys Anatomy.

What I didn't love this episode:
-First WTF moment had to be when Cristina got her ass grabbed by the cardiothorasic surgeon. Talk about naaaaaasty! I don't think that her and Burke are going to make it. I will be happy when his ass is gone!!
-OH HELL NO!!!I can't believe Izzie and George slept together. Friends sleeping with friends=DISASTER.
why did they have to do that! It changes everything and now George isn't the man we all thought he was. I really did not see that coming. Also I would have ripped my hypothetical husband balls out if he would have said that his "friend" that I think he has a crush on and who HATES me is "blonde,tall, and gorgeous" opposed to me being "curvy" fuck that we all know curvy is key word for FAT!

What I loved this episode:
-The fact that DR. Callie is an Heiress!! Thank god that they made the Latina Rich and not a Cinderella story for once.
- Derek's emotion. Patrick Dempsy really has amazing facial expressions so much so that every time they zoom into his face I want to cry! OK maybe not cry but it really pulls on my heart strings.
-I don't know if I am in the wrong here but I really liked what the writers did with the whole "family" issue. I think Meredith's family are her friends. Her dad abandoned her or at least didn't try hard enough to be in her life. In her case she choose her family and she has unconditional love for those interns. Maybe I
m wrong but that was my take on that.

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