Tuesday, March 20, 2007

OMG I'm so late on this


Voting ends today...if you don't get over there on time at least you can see who won...
From Jenna Fishers Blog:

Friday, March 16, 2007
Vote for Dwight!

Hey guys! Head over to this website and vote for Dwight Schrute in the RedEye character war. He's made it to the Elite Eight! He's currently pitted against that dude from House. So please show the Shrute some love and vote him into the Final Four.


I hope you liked the Newpeat last night. I thought it was pretty cool actually. Those two episodes (Traveling Salesman and Oscars Return) were written to go together. It was neat to see them edited that way. I loved seeing Pam's art contest storyline - which wasn't in the original airing. Also, the scene where Angela offers Pam her dominant male kitten, Ash, was the scene where Angela and I broke down laughing so many times we barely got the scene finished. I think we did over 30 takes. Every time Angela changed from delighted to pissed off it killed me. It got me again when I watched it last night.

My other favorite moment...of the entire series probably... has to be Phyllis' talking head where she explains that she and Dwight both have explosive personalities. The first time we saw the episode my husband and I watched it 3 times. Last night we watched it twice and then imitated it while laughing hysterically. I never get tired of it.

So, there you go...I truly do geek out on my own show.

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