Thursday, March 22, 2007

Locke and the island sitting in a tree

Spoiler Alert!!
OMG I’m so excited I’m watching LOST as we speak but unfortunately I don’t have the internet so this isn’t getting posted until later. Ok episode is over and I can type now.
Every time I watch this show I feel like throwing up or throwing something at the TV. Usually I just get nervous and my blood pressure rises. I know I’m not the only one because one time my friend threw her shoe at the wall. Back to business, Locke was beyond pathetic this episode. At this point in time I am throwing my hands in the air and saying, “I give up”. Can’t Locke just stay on the island if he wanted to? Everyone could get rescued, killed, let go or whatever. I think it would be cool he just said “peace bros”! I know the Others are chosen and what not but couldn’t he bribe his way in? I think Locke would make a perfect OTHER.

Moving on. Can I just get one thing out of the way? Is it just me or were Dr. Jack and Blonde(Juliet) looking extra smokin' this episode. They (writers) are totally setting up a love connection! Fun fact about Jack, he can play the piano! How hot is that? I think Kate thought so too (more confused I guess). Anyway I was totally WTF last week when Jack was playing ball with the OTHERS but I guess now I understand that Jack just wanted off the island. Something doesn’t smell right though; actually I take it back I have no idea what I’m talking about. This show not only makes me literally sick but it also confuses me to no end. Yet I keep on watching. Why do you lead me on Lost?

Back to the mess that is John Locke. I give props to Terry O'Quinn for playing such contrasting sides to one character. The difference between island Locke and crippled Locke is amazing. I almost rolled over laughing when I saw Locke in sweats! I’m sure one of my sick and demented friends thought he was the hotness in those sweats…yeah you know who you are. I just can’t believe how much Locke wants to stay on that island. What is the guarantee that he will stay the way he is? I wonder if it was Bens master plan to get Locke to become one of them from the get go. Obviously things are working out in Bens favor, well other than the whole paralyzed thing.

All of the JATE fans (that’s the name right Jack and Kate) must have been screaming bloody murder at their TV’s. What is up with Blondie being such a cockblock! Kate and Jacks faces were THIS close! Forget Sawyer Kate totally loves him or wants his body. This was way too much excitement for one show!

-Their only way off the island is destroyed thanks to Locke
-Locke gets thrown out of the window by his papa
-Kate and Jack have an emo moment
-Rousseau saw her daughter for the first time in…forever
-Locke’s dad is on the island…. WTF
-The man who got Juliet to go to the island was on the island!!

There is a great site where I got some of these pics. They list all the little hidden things that we might miss while watching the show. WEBSITE


dee said...

i'll have you know that john locke IS the hottness. yum!

JD said...

AHHHHHHHHHHH yes you are the sick demented one I speak of!