Tuesday, April 17, 2007

It would have been funny if her leg would have popped off

I don't watch Dancing With The Stars but I did watch this circulate around the net this morning and I figured I would join in. Heather Mills fell on her ass during last nights episode. I think it would have been way funnier if her leg would have popped off don't you think? I'm evil but come on people who doesn't enjoy watching people fall....they have full segments of people falling on Funniest home videos?


Kristin OFFICE Spoilers....

So I take her with a grain of salt but here are some OFFICE spoilers via Kristin from Eonline.
Spoilers from Watch with Kristin

Ginny in Texas: Any hope for Jam? I want them to be together right now!Well, the good news is that I'm hearing Karen will not be in The Office full-time next year (there are whisperings she might be sent to corporate—hurrah!), so all the Scranton stars seem to be aligning for a Jam make-out session. And if you've seen Blades of Glory you know just how hot that second kiss might be. (God bless Jenna Fischer and her slobbery tongue! Funniest part of the flick, if you ask me.)

Christa in Laguna Niguel, California: Any news with The Office? I'm newly hooked!I spoke to Oscar Nuñez at this weekend GLAAD Awards, where the show was nominated for the "Gay Witch Hunt" episode, and he tells me that his character's gay relationship won't be seen again this season. "Maybe next season. For this one I think we're kind of done." As for the rest of the gang? "There'll be some movement of personnel." Like, Karen to corporate? (Yes, I'm going crazy with anticipation of what may be!)


Sexy Lexy

Ok so this post has nothing to do with Sexy Lexy but I thought I would mention that he looks hot in this Vid. I'm excited about seeing Wonder Woman on Smallville!
TELEVISION'S "WONDER WOMAN," LYNDA CARTER, GUEST STARS - After Lex (Michael Rosenbaum) discovers Chloe’s (Allison Mack) mother Moira (Lynda Carter) has the power to control meteor freaks, he develops a drug to wake her from her catatonic state in the asylum, then threatens to kill Chloe unless she uses her power to help him. Clark (Tom Welling) helps Chloe break into the asylum to rescue Moira and finally get to know her mother.

Here's the extended trailer:


Another Shia Vid

I just saw this on YouTube and it made me laugh so I thought I would share.

My favorite part is when he seems like he is THIS close to breaking down and laughing.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Kyle Chandler is the hotness!

I know it's too late to jump on the Friday Night Lights bandwagon but I'm doing it anyway. My BF and I spent our Sunday morning having a mini FNL marathon and I can't get enough! I HATE sports but for some reason I like movies and TV shows that revolve around sports...I am so strange. I also like watching FNL because I think my boyfriend looks a tad bit like a very young Hispanic Kyle Chandler which makes him [BF]mad for some reason. Anyway I'm so excited to continue to watch the rest of the season lets just hope that the show doesn't get cancelled.


Everyone knows that I have a really weird obsession with seeing Disney kids succeed. I don't know what it is but I relish the fact that Shia LaBeouf beat out Halle Berry and Bruce Willis in the box office this weekend. I saw Disturbia with a friend who has had a crush on him since his Even Steven days and it was so much fun! When I got home I checked some of my favorite blogs and it seemed to be Shia day over at ONTD those biatches seem to be really obsessed with him at least for the moment. There is an interesting article about Shia's childhood- here is an excerpt:
It sounds like a fun childhood, but it was anything but fun. His parents eventually divorced, but not before young Shia was subjected to verbal and mental abuse by a heroin-addicted father who once pointed a gun at his son. The father also gave his son marijuana to smoke when he was 10. His mother raised him on meager earnings, and they were forced to live in a tough neighborhood of Los Angeles. : The article can be found HERE other interesting articles about his start can be found HERE and HERE.
Mr.LaBeouf was also on SNL this weekend. For those who missed it here are some clips.

The next clip can be explained by watching The OC clip first then the spoof from SNL.


What The Frak

According to Kristin from E! one of the main characters from SMALLVILLE is going to die!

I would be willing to bet everything that it will be Chloe! I'm really sad about this because I think they should kill LANA but it would make no sense to kill off the other three.

Attention Smallville fans: This news might make you feel like you have butterflies made out of Kryptonite in your stomach, so read at your own risk.

Inside sources tell me exclusively that one of the main four castmembers—Tom Welling, Michael Rosenbaum, Allison Mack or Kristin Kreuk—will be killed off before the season ends.

Although all of these castmembers are under contract for one more season (they initially signed seven-year deals), producers have decided to have one of their characters meet an untimely end, in a shocking plot twist.

Naming exactly who is going six feet under would ruin the viewer experience (and probably prevent me from cozying up to any CW cuties at future C-Dub events) so I'll simply tell you this regarding the soon-to-be-deceased character's identity: It is someone who is most definitely a fan favorite. And I think you're gonna freak.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Le Sigh x100

Happy Birthday moment to me indeed! These new pictures of John Krasinski with Mandy Moore are so damn cute I could just barf. JohnK really looks hot here! I wonder what has been going on to him on the office though because his wig is so darn distracting! Anyway enjoy:)


Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Wonder Woman Is Back Kinda....

SMALLVILLE is coming back on April 19th with a special guest appearance from Wonder Woman herself Lynda Carter. I love it when super hero worlds collide! Damn and I'm not sure how old she is but I'm sure it's getting up there and she looks amazing! So excited.


I used to watch the original

When I was younger I used to watch shows like Get Smart,The Mask of Zorro,the original Mickey Mouse club, Batman (1960s) and so many more with my Grandma. I didn't discriminate against these shows because I had no idea they were old and I was a TV addict that looked for a fix at every corner (not much has changed). So when I heard that one of my favorite TV actors was reprising the role of MAXWELL SMART I was really excited. I haven't watched the original GET SMART TV show since I was a kid but I do remember enjoying it immensely.

USA Today has published this first photo of Steve Carell and Anne Hathaway in Warner Bros.' Get Smart, the big screen adaptation directed by Peter Segal for a June 20, 2008 release.

Based on the 1965 Mel Brooks/Buck Henry-created series, Carell and Hathaway play spymasters Maxwell Smart and Agent 99, respectively - roles originaly played by the late Don Adams and Barbara Feldon, now 75.

While the show was a silly Cold War comedy, the movie will "show the disconnect between government agencies as we saw right after 9/11 when the CIA and FBI weren't really communicating," Segal told the newspaper. "We wanted to make sure we were politically satirical."

The anarchy group known as KAOS is back for more foiling, and the mockery tends to stay closer to bureaucratic bungling.

"Obviously, Max works for CONTROL, and there's a lot of infighting within Washington over who's responsible for which parts of the world," the director added.

The story focuses on KAOS' blackmailing the United States by threatening to give away launch codes for nuclear bombs that are in the hands of bad guys.

"Max has to figure out where the bombs are and stop them, ultimately saving the world," Segal said.

The film updates the relationship between the two heroes, telling an origin story of how Smart became an agent and met 99. In this version, she is the veteran spy who takes the newcomer under her wing.

Segal explained, "99 is a little more kick-(butt) and tougher, more emancipated. She's more the female James Bond, teaching him the ropes."

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Terence Stamp, Alan Arkin and Ken Davitian co-star.



There are a million and one jokes that can be said about the irony of Lane Garrison aka "Tweener" from Prison Break possibly going to prison. I am trying really hard to contain myself from typing something that is really obvious but I can't promise anything......

Shit I can't contain myself! I seriously have no self control. Poor Garrison do you think someone will make him their bitch and have him hold their pocket like T-BAG did? What will he do without Michael Scofield? Do you think he will get any prison tattoos?!! I actually don't feel sorry for him. He drank and partied with underage kids probably to boost his own ego because lets face it homeboy WAS a D-list TV celebrity. Now he has to live with the fact that he killed someone.

TMZ has learned former "Prison Break" star Lane Garrison will plead guilty to manslaughter.

Garrison, who has been charged with vehicular manslaughter in connection with the death of a Beverly Hills high school student last December, showed up this morning with his lawyer, Harland Braun, at the Beverly Hills courthouse. Garrison was scheduled to enter a plea, but Braun asked for a continuance.

TMZ spoke with Braun after the hearing. The mega-lawyer said Garrison will plead guilty on May 21. Braun added "There is no sentencing bargaining going on." The judge will have complete discretion, which means Garrison faces a maximum of six years in prison.

Braun said "Lane is very sad about the accident," adding Garrison told him this morning: "People are going to Iraq. [I] want to step up and accept the sentence."

Braun said he is waiting for engineers to come back with reports on whether there was a mechanical defect that contributed to the accident. Braun said the brakes may have been defective and the vehicle may have gone in on a recall before the accident. If brakes contributed to the acccident, that could affect Garrison's sentence.

Cops say Garrison's blood alcohol level was .20, more than twice the legal limit.

Should I start watching?

Believe it or not I watch A lot of TV. Unfortunately I tend to be kind of busy with little things like school,friends,family and a boyfriend. I don't get to watch everything that is popular or that I hear is good because of lack of time. I have about 7 or so shows that I follow so when I do decide to add another it has to be good. With that said here is a list Tina Fey wrote with reasons why we should watch her show. Her number five reason would make perfect sense for me but I'm in class during The Office so I usually watch the ITUNES version or the TIVO version on my roommates TV.

Reasons to Watch 30 Rock
By star and exec producer Tina Fey

1. Alec Baldwin as a right-wing corporate alpha male is way hotter than a bunch of fake doctors getting it on.

2. Enjoy Kenneth the Page (Jack McBrayer) now before he gets his spin-off, Kenneth: Portrait of a Serial Killer.

3. We strive to have the highest joke-per-minute ratio since 1-800-Dial-a-Joke.

4. At long last, Paul Reubens, Sean Hayes, Will Arnett, Isabella Rossellini, Ghostface Killah, and Elaine Stritch all in one place!

5. You're already watching The Office. Just sit still, for Pete's sake.


Andy is a douche bag but I love him

Andy is by far the biggest douche bag on TV but I love him very much! My favorite Andy moments are when he sings so I decided to post these youtube videos of what some fans view to be the best Andy moments. He is also going to be in a ton of movies and I will probably go see them because I like to support my favorite TV characters.
The Best of Andy Bernard via YOUTUBE

Judd Apatow helped turn Steve Carell into a movie star in "The 40-Year Old Virgin" and now he's looking to turn the same trick for another "Daily Show" veteran. Universal has bought the comedy pitch for "A Whole New Hugh," a concept to star Helms and be produced by Apatow's studio-based shingle. Helms is also co-writing "Hugh" along with Jake Fleisher and Ian Berger. According to Variety, the comedy focuses on three guys who attempt to raise their friend's confidence level by making him seem to be a success.

Currently co-starring with Carell on NBC's "The Office" and re teaming again on "Evan Almighty," Helms has a supporting role in the Eddie Murphy comedy "Starship Dave" and will make a cameo in the Apatow-produced "Walk Hard." In addition to "Hugh" and "Walk Hard," Apatow's upcoming Universal productions include the summer flick "Knocked Up" and the rap comedy "Attorneys at Raw." He's also producing and co-wrote "You Don't Mess With the Zohan," an Adam Sandler offering set up at Sony.

Adam will be dating Lohan soon

What do all of these random things have to do with TV. Not much- I used to have the biggest crush on Adam Brody when he was on THE OC. It seems like he has turned into another Hollywood douche bag but I really doubt he was jealous over the nastiness that is Pete Wentz (seriously the man is disgusting) and lets not talk about Ashley Simpson! Before you know it Adam Brody will be dating Lindsey Lohan....EW! Can you tell that I'm hard up for TV news?

Usmagazine.com has learned exclusively that Simpson, 22, and Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz, 27, didn't hold back in front of everyone at their table, (including Simpon rumored ex Adam Brody, 27, and singer JC Chasez, 27) at Mastro's in Beverly Hills on April 6.

The tongue-in-cheek couple were attending a group dinner for actor Brett Harrison's birthday.

Ashlee and Pete were "all over each other," a source tells Usmagazine.com. "They were really amping it up to get to Adam, who was cordial but clearly annoyed." Although the source insists Adam and Ashlee only flirted but never actually hooked up, Adam was still visibly irritated by the display.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

John Krasinski is the voice of Mac prodicts

YES I will admit it- I was very excited to hear that John Krasinski is the voice talent for the new Apple commercials but I was more excited to see the product that he was advertising! I can't begin tell you guys how bad I want this new little gadget! I have a crap load of videos on my IPOD that I would love to be able to watch on my TV or on my friends TVs but I am subjected to forever be a slave to my little black IPOD. It's so annoying having access to a TV but not being able to view the video on anything other than a three inch screen. Wouldn't it have been great if instead of showing Jack Black they would have shown The Office?

Monday, April 9, 2007

Words cannot describe....

Paris Hilton is a skankass hoe who wants to sue blogs for posting a funny cartoon that makes fun of her and an emaciated Nicole Richie. I bow down to the artists because her likeness is uncanny. Bitch thinks we live in a communist country or some shit because it is ridiculous to sue someone for artistic expression. If she is worried about her name getting slandered or whatever she needs to wake up and realize it's a little late for that. Hoe.

Click the source to view this amazing art SOURCE

Do people still watch the trash that is THE SIMPLE LIFE?

Picture of her wonk eye found HERE

Sunday, April 8, 2007

My Beef with HEROES

I LOVE HEROES. I eat up superhero shit like no one else but I think the promo people on that show suck! They constantly give too much away during promos and it makes me feel like they think we are stupid. For example, when we didn't know the identity of Clarie's father they showed the sleeve of his shirt and his hand which was a total give away as to who the father was. I'm a self proclaimed spoiler whore but come on I like to work for my stuff. Here is a a new promo for the new episodes of HEROES.



The Office Interviews + Promo

I saw this interview with some of my friends and let me tell you we laughed our asses off! In the spirit of Easter I give you the hilarious BJ Novak.
BJ Novak on CO 4-4-07

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Jenna Fischer on Leno Friday night
New promo for next weeks OFFICE titled SAFETY TRAINING



Adam Brody is the freaking hotness! Here is the thing though- I kinda get the feeling that he KNOWS he is the hotness which kinda irks me. Either way if you miss The OC or just love Adam Brody here are some pics!



Thursday, April 5, 2007

Oh man this is going to be a disaster!

The Real World Las Vegas cast will reunite for three weeks and live in the Palms suite beginning later this month

In a surprising move by Bunim-Murray Productions, the cast of The Real World: Las Vegas will be reunited to film a reunion series that will last six episodes. MM Agency reports that Alton, Arissa, Brynn, Frank, Irulan, Steven and Trishelle have all been contracted to reunite to live for three weeks in the very same suite that they lived in five years ago. Last week, the Las Vegas Review Journal reported that production and the Palms were in negotiations to return the seven to their former digs.

For clarification purposes, this is not considered to be the 19th or 20th season of The Real World. The 19th season of the Real World is scheduled to be set in Sydney, while the 20th season is currently in its initial casting phases. Perhaps, this may be an entirely different series, as BMP was attempting to reunite the Austin cast before the Las Vegas cast ultimately became free.

Filming begins Monday, April 14 in the Palms Hotel/Casino on the 28th floor. This cast is known for changing the face of the Real World. Their antics on the show caused the show to gain a reputation for hard partying and quite a few irresponsible situations (IE. pregnancy scare, fork-throwing incident). It should be interesting as the dynamics between the cast has changed dramatically since they left the Palms five years ago.

To read the rest of the article go HERE

I'm sure the producers decided to do this again with the same people involved because they know that Vegas only spells trouble with these retards from the Real World. I haven't watched TRW in a while but I will tune in to this car crash!

Set your TIVOS!

Set your TIVOS Or VCR like I will (I know what the crap right!). After waiting 6 weeks tonight is the night The Office comes back with new episodes! OK so not only is it a new episode but it is a super sized episode! Will Jim get his ass kicked? I guess we will have to wait till tonight to find out!

Monday, April 2, 2007

Some Jam Spoilers/Speculation!

From E! Online Kristin's scoop

Helena in Boston: I need a Jam session!

Don’t we all? My toast is so dry and barren without Jam! But I’m 99 percent sure we get some lip-smacking Jam deliciousness by the end of the current Office season. I’m hearing that Pam continues on her path of asking for what she wants: First, the light beer, and now, the Big Tuna. Meanwhile, Karen might be headed for—drum roll, please—the Dunder-Mifflin corporate office! Or, at least, that’s the way it looks from here. So, pray to the Jam gods (Smucker’s?) that it’s true.

Everlee in London, England: Michael and Jan have become my favorite part of The Office! Any scoop you can give us on what’s coming up with them?

Melora Hardin, who plays Jan, recently told me, “[Jan] is getting wilder. She is a little kinky—I have to say, I think Jan is one of the most exciting, multidimensional characters on television.”


Damon Lindelof sees the error of his ways

HUGE SPOILER ALERT (IF YOU DIDN'T WATCH THE LAST EPISODE OF LOST).... That the producers decided to kill off much-maligned castaways Nikki and Paulo (Kiele Sanchez and Rodrigo Santoro) on this week's episode of "Lost" may not have been a shock to fans. But how the greedy, murderous pair died provided one of the biggest twists — and thrills — of the season. (After being paralyzed by spider bites, the not-so-dynamic duo were buried alive — albeit unwittingly — by Sawyer and Hurley.) "People hated them before they even opened their mouths to say anything significant because it felt like they were crashing the party," exec producer Damon Lindelof acknowledges of the characters who were abruptly introduced last fall. "The easiest thing would have been to just write them out and forget they ever happened, like the cougar on [Season 2] of 24. But that's not Lost. We should at least own up to it."

Kiele Sanchez wasn't bothered by the criticism directed at Nikki and reveled in going out with a bang, yet wasn't too crazy about filming the burial scene: "I am horribly claustrophobic — I can't even have a blanket over my face — so I didn't have to do a lot of acting. I was genuinely terrified." — SOURCE

There is something wrong with me

Why Can't I just let go of the 90s? The peeps at ONTD are totally obsessed with the kids from Disney too! It's funny because last night Dee and I were talking about the Disney kids and how fast it seems like they have grown up. Dee has a total crush on Shia Labeouf from Even Stevens which I totally give her shit for because I remember him as this little annoying kid. Look at him now though....can you blame her? He isnt as young as I remember him I found out today that little Louis Stevens is 20 years old! Not bad! He is really growing into himself! He also just got accepted to Yale University! Go Shia!

Back to Boy Meets World. Here are some pictures of Cory Matthews aka Ben Savage at Stanford University. I'm so glad all of these kids decided to go to school instead of turning to the seedy world of pornography! I take that back Shia is finding jobs with the quickness its the BMW kids I worry about. Pictures are via facebook.

Do you guys remember Cory's Girlfriend Topanga?Here is a picture of her working as a correspondent on the TYRA show!


Jesus totally wanted this to happen

You know Jesus was totally rooting for this show to get cancelled. He/she was probably sick of the cheesy ass shiat that went on with that show.

Folks, I just heard that after an astonishing 11 seasons, the Camdens are leaving us: 7th Heaven has been canceled by the CW.

No official comment yet, but I'm told that the producers, cast and crew were informed by the network today. It's a done deal.

It was 7th Heaven that first introduced us to stars like Jessica Biel and What About Brian's Barry Watson, and the family-friendly show was by far the biggest ratings getter on the late, great WB network.

Reverend Camden, Lucy, our televisions won't the same without you—but Happy the dog, I think I'll miss you most of all!


Whatever I really hope Kristin is being a fake ass saying that our TVs wont be the same without them you know she was right there with Jesus wanting that show to get canceled.


Evan Almighty

I'm excited for this. It looks like a kids movie but I live for kids movies so there you go! I really hope it doesn't suck but I will watch anything with Steve Carell in it.