Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I used to watch the original

When I was younger I used to watch shows like Get Smart,The Mask of Zorro,the original Mickey Mouse club, Batman (1960s) and so many more with my Grandma. I didn't discriminate against these shows because I had no idea they were old and I was a TV addict that looked for a fix at every corner (not much has changed). So when I heard that one of my favorite TV actors was reprising the role of MAXWELL SMART I was really excited. I haven't watched the original GET SMART TV show since I was a kid but I do remember enjoying it immensely.

USA Today has published this first photo of Steve Carell and Anne Hathaway in Warner Bros.' Get Smart, the big screen adaptation directed by Peter Segal for a June 20, 2008 release.

Based on the 1965 Mel Brooks/Buck Henry-created series, Carell and Hathaway play spymasters Maxwell Smart and Agent 99, respectively - roles originaly played by the late Don Adams and Barbara Feldon, now 75.

While the show was a silly Cold War comedy, the movie will "show the disconnect between government agencies as we saw right after 9/11 when the CIA and FBI weren't really communicating," Segal told the newspaper. "We wanted to make sure we were politically satirical."

The anarchy group known as KAOS is back for more foiling, and the mockery tends to stay closer to bureaucratic bungling.

"Obviously, Max works for CONTROL, and there's a lot of infighting within Washington over who's responsible for which parts of the world," the director added.

The story focuses on KAOS' blackmailing the United States by threatening to give away launch codes for nuclear bombs that are in the hands of bad guys.

"Max has to figure out where the bombs are and stop them, ultimately saving the world," Segal said.

The film updates the relationship between the two heroes, telling an origin story of how Smart became an agent and met 99. In this version, she is the veteran spy who takes the newcomer under her wing.

Segal explained, "99 is a little more kick-(butt) and tougher, more emancipated. She's more the female James Bond, teaching him the ropes."

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Terence Stamp, Alan Arkin and Ken Davitian co-star.


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