Sunday, April 15, 2007

What The Frak

According to Kristin from E! one of the main characters from SMALLVILLE is going to die!

I would be willing to bet everything that it will be Chloe! I'm really sad about this because I think they should kill LANA but it would make no sense to kill off the other three.

Attention Smallville fans: This news might make you feel like you have butterflies made out of Kryptonite in your stomach, so read at your own risk.

Inside sources tell me exclusively that one of the main four castmembers—Tom Welling, Michael Rosenbaum, Allison Mack or Kristin Kreuk—will be killed off before the season ends.

Although all of these castmembers are under contract for one more season (they initially signed seven-year deals), producers have decided to have one of their characters meet an untimely end, in a shocking plot twist.

Naming exactly who is going six feet under would ruin the viewer experience (and probably prevent me from cozying up to any CW cuties at future C-Dub events) so I'll simply tell you this regarding the soon-to-be-deceased character's identity: It is someone who is most definitely a fan favorite. And I think you're gonna freak.

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