Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Andy is a douche bag but I love him

Andy is by far the biggest douche bag on TV but I love him very much! My favorite Andy moments are when he sings so I decided to post these youtube videos of what some fans view to be the best Andy moments. He is also going to be in a ton of movies and I will probably go see them because I like to support my favorite TV characters.
The Best of Andy Bernard via YOUTUBE

Judd Apatow helped turn Steve Carell into a movie star in "The 40-Year Old Virgin" and now he's looking to turn the same trick for another "Daily Show" veteran. Universal has bought the comedy pitch for "A Whole New Hugh," a concept to star Helms and be produced by Apatow's studio-based shingle. Helms is also co-writing "Hugh" along with Jake Fleisher and Ian Berger. According to Variety, the comedy focuses on three guys who attempt to raise their friend's confidence level by making him seem to be a success.

Currently co-starring with Carell on NBC's "The Office" and re teaming again on "Evan Almighty," Helms has a supporting role in the Eddie Murphy comedy "Starship Dave" and will make a cameo in the Apatow-produced "Walk Hard." In addition to "Hugh" and "Walk Hard," Apatow's upcoming Universal productions include the summer flick "Knocked Up" and the rap comedy "Attorneys at Raw." He's also producing and co-wrote "You Don't Mess With the Zohan," an Adam Sandler offering set up at Sony.

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