Monday, April 2, 2007

There is something wrong with me

Why Can't I just let go of the 90s? The peeps at ONTD are totally obsessed with the kids from Disney too! It's funny because last night Dee and I were talking about the Disney kids and how fast it seems like they have grown up. Dee has a total crush on Shia Labeouf from Even Stevens which I totally give her shit for because I remember him as this little annoying kid. Look at him now though....can you blame her? He isnt as young as I remember him I found out today that little Louis Stevens is 20 years old! Not bad! He is really growing into himself! He also just got accepted to Yale University! Go Shia!

Back to Boy Meets World. Here are some pictures of Cory Matthews aka Ben Savage at Stanford University. I'm so glad all of these kids decided to go to school instead of turning to the seedy world of pornography! I take that back Shia is finding jobs with the quickness its the BMW kids I worry about. Pictures are via facebook.

Do you guys remember Cory's Girlfriend Topanga?Here is a picture of her working as a correspondent on the TYRA show!


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