Monday, April 2, 2007

Jesus totally wanted this to happen

You know Jesus was totally rooting for this show to get cancelled. He/she was probably sick of the cheesy ass shiat that went on with that show.

Folks, I just heard that after an astonishing 11 seasons, the Camdens are leaving us: 7th Heaven has been canceled by the CW.

No official comment yet, but I'm told that the producers, cast and crew were informed by the network today. It's a done deal.

It was 7th Heaven that first introduced us to stars like Jessica Biel and What About Brian's Barry Watson, and the family-friendly show was by far the biggest ratings getter on the late, great WB network.

Reverend Camden, Lucy, our televisions won't the same without you—but Happy the dog, I think I'll miss you most of all!


Whatever I really hope Kristin is being a fake ass saying that our TVs wont be the same without them you know she was right there with Jesus wanting that show to get canceled.


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