Sunday, April 15, 2007


Everyone knows that I have a really weird obsession with seeing Disney kids succeed. I don't know what it is but I relish the fact that Shia LaBeouf beat out Halle Berry and Bruce Willis in the box office this weekend. I saw Disturbia with a friend who has had a crush on him since his Even Steven days and it was so much fun! When I got home I checked some of my favorite blogs and it seemed to be Shia day over at ONTD those biatches seem to be really obsessed with him at least for the moment. There is an interesting article about Shia's childhood- here is an excerpt:
It sounds like a fun childhood, but it was anything but fun. His parents eventually divorced, but not before young Shia was subjected to verbal and mental abuse by a heroin-addicted father who once pointed a gun at his son. The father also gave his son marijuana to smoke when he was 10. His mother raised him on meager earnings, and they were forced to live in a tough neighborhood of Los Angeles. : The article can be found HERE other interesting articles about his start can be found HERE and HERE.
Mr.LaBeouf was also on SNL this weekend. For those who missed it here are some clips.

The next clip can be explained by watching The OC clip first then the spoof from SNL.


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dee said...

poor kid! that article is so sad