Thursday, March 15, 2007

There is something up with LOCKE

SPOILERS for those who haven't seen the new episode of LOST.
OH MY GOD. Locke is totally an other! Actually no, probably not an other but there is something definitely there.The fact that he knew one of the others (zeke) before the crash, then the eye patch guy saying he knew him. There is definitely something up. Why do the Losties even let him even talk or move! The island has totally made him Mentally Challenged. STOP PUSHING BUTTONS! (there has to be a reason why he has gotten so stupid right?)

I was soooo disappointed when I heard it was going to be a Claire centric episode because the truth is I could care less about Claire. When was the last time we saw her? First season..actually IDK but either way she will always be TESS(Roswell) to me and I hated that bitch. With all that said. I was wrong, this episode kicked ARSE.The reveal that her and Jack totally share similar DNA was awsome.We all kinda suspected it right? They gave us a little hint earlier on like when Jacks dad went to Australia (where claire lived) to find his daughter and what not. Thank the lord that Jack and Claire didn't get a love connection going, actually that would have been juicy...sick but juicy.

The last scene was the SHIAT! Jack seemed to be enjoying himself with THE OTHERS! Is he part of the book club now too? I can't wait to see what happens. Once I get some concrete theories in my little head I will post them but right now I am just processing the episode. Great overall!

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Anonymous said...


the last scene was fucking weird.
I can't wait for next week.
You need to tell me your theories... haha