Friday, March 16, 2007

I'm so annoyed

Veronica in the FBI?

This is my last Veronica Mars post for the day because frankly I'm annoyed.I don't know how I feel about everything. Obviously I would rather see them try something new than cancel the show but will it work? Or will it ruin the series I grew to love?

By Nellie Andreeva Fri Mar 16, 3:06 AM ET

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - Veronica Mars might be looking at a quick graduation from Hearst College.

The fate of the CW's cult favorite remains uncertain, but if the show returns for a fourth season in the fall, it might find the young sleuth in a different setting.

"Veronica Mars" creator
Rob Thomas has come up with an idea to fast-forward a couple of years and have Mars studying at the
FBI Academy. (As a freshman at Hearst College,
Kristen Bell's title character has been taking criminology classes looking to do an internship at the FBI.)

Thomas is filming a trailer for an alternative fourth season, which will be submitted to the CW. The network's executives ultimately will decide whether to pick up the series for another season and, if they do, whether to stick to the drama's current plot line or go with the new version. If Mars goes to the FBI Academy next season, it will be a third backdrop for the character, who began her P.I. adventures while in high school.


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