Thursday, March 29, 2007

Paulo Lies,Bitches Die

Should I bother with the whole Spoiler warning?
AHHHH Boone and Shannon are back!! Best moments of the episode! OMG even the doc who exploded is back!
I think its funny how they basically had to superimpose these(the new losties) assholes into the crash scene and other various old Lost scenes. Don’t waste my time with this new lostie bullshit! I don’t care about any of these bitches….yeah I’m swearing a lot but I don’t care I’m THAT mad. Tell me again why we are supposed to be even remotely invested in these characters? I can go on forever about why I think it sucks that these new losties are stealing screen time from our favorites. Praise the Lord she died before the first commercial. Then he died before the second! Maybe Veronica mars can solve this mystery! All I could really think about this episode was how Paulo Played the Tranny dude from 300…. wow. I love how we found out that they weren’t really dead but now they are! I guess nothing matters on the island except how you treat each other that and not getting killed. I knew they weren’t cool enough to be others. On a side note did anyone else notice how Blondie said Dr. jack was cute? Barf on you lady! Anyway this episode was only good for three things watching a shirtless Sawyer, seeing flash backs of our dead friends and Sun finding out about who really kidnapped her.

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