Friday, March 23, 2007

"God got the Virgin pregnant by magic…God is not playing by the rules"


My favorite line in the episode.

Last week I was screaming bloody murder at my TV when George and Izzie hooked up. The pairing of those two was seemed so forced and contrived. This week I have changed my mind…...a bit. Now I’m by no means a George and Izzue shipper. Your not going to find me screaming “viva la Gizzie”(like I do JAM) from the roof tops or anything but their complex relationship did seem a bit more believable this episode. I really don’t know if that was due to the excellent acting from these two or the writing itself but I really bought the idea of those two being into one another. Izzie seemed so hurt when George couldn't remember their night together and once he did remember the moment in the closet broke my heart. I feel horribly bad for Dr.Callie she does not deserve this. Mark my words people this will only end badly. Greys Anatomy does something to me that I'm not sure I like. It awakens all of those stereotypical flowery girl emotions that people gag about. I'm constantly watching this show with tears rolling down my face. Its pathetic but I hope I'm not the only one. I'm totally turning into the Lifetime channel demographic! Am I in need of a serious intervention?

This moment was what made me believe that they had feelings for each other.

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