Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I blame whoever cancelled Arrested Development. They are to blame for EVERYTHING

Veronica Mars (the show) is like the relationship that you know is over but you just don’t want to let go. It seems like the networks have been “canceling” the show from the get go. Yet some very hardcore fans have done everything in their power to save the show. I’ll admit, I signed the petition last year and re-signed it this year. Why? Because I my friends am the clingy girlfriend that wont let go. I guess you could say I’m kind of like “Karen” that way.

I love Veronica Mars (or as my bf and I call her VM). VM is a kick ass strong female lead role. She might look like she’s cross-eyed sometimes but that’s ok. I'm Just kidding I love her (thats just a bad pic). She solves some really cool (and lately not so cool) mysteries, goes to college and has a snarky attitude! She is also the only character on TV other than the folks on Battlestar that can get away with saying the word FRAK. She’s a geeks-girl role model that’s for sure!

VM is not on tonight. Instead “The Pussycat dolls” is on in its place. They are what all women should strive to be. Tranny looking HOEBAGS.

CLICK HERE to sign the VM petition

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