Monday, March 19, 2007

When Fandom Universes Collide

The degrees of separation in the TV fandom world are usually only one or two. Actually I don’t know how true that is but the more I find out about things the more that statement seems to hold true. Just like I love Jenna Fischer for keeping it real and keeping connected with the fans, I love Nathan Fillion for all the same reasons. If for some odd reason your fandom radar needs a tune up he played the lovable Captain Malcolm Reynolds on Firefly, which Joss Whedon created. He was also Kate’s husband on LOST. Damn those Fandom connections! Well here comes the third connection. Before I get anyone too excited I should put the disclaimer out: Nathan Fillion is not going to guest star on the Office (I wish he would though! Maybe to steal Karen away from Jim?) he did however blog about his experience visiting the set on his Myspace blog:
Nathon Fillion:
Unrelated, I had lunch at the Office a few weeks ago. The Annex, the kitchen, the office itself- it's all real! There is so much space between Pam's desk and Dwight's that I never knew about. I rummaged through Michael's safe. I watched as cast members updated their myspace pages and checked their emails while on lunch, but at their character's desks! Can you believe it? Now, many of you may have weirded out- sputtering stupid things excitedly while being ushered around on a first class tour. I'll have you know... I'm not above that. Thank you, Jenna, for putting up with the high pitched squels of excitement, the stupid questions, and demanding that you answer as Pam. Thank you James Gunn, for using your powerful influence to sit me down with the cast. Thank you Joss, for giving me something to talk about with everybody. Go figure, they love the crap outta you, too.
Mr. fillion was in the movie Slither that Jenna Fischer's Husband Directed. Also to add to the connection list Joss Whedon directed an episode of the office which I’m sure gave him double the street cred or is that set cred? I also love that even though Firefly has been cancelled for a while now he still goes to Conventions. Here is a youtube video of Joss Whedon talking about his work on The Office.

More on why I heart NF on his blog:
As for the updates on what's going on in Nathantainment: Wonder Con was a real lift. All you Browncoats did me a solid and showed some real support. You made me look like a big man in front of my Drive pals. Thanks. You wanna have some fun? Next time, let's play it up a bit. When you come up to ask a question, start with, "Hey Nathan, it's (Your name here) from (your town here). You set my arm when I broke it?" (Or some such other thing I helped you with- job, marriage, lost dog, flat tire, you know!) I'll come back with, "Oh, yeah! How's the arm? You back at tennis?" And you say, "Oh, it's great. My doc couldn't believe how well you set it. Anyways, my question was..." Then, we drop it. Quick and to the point is where the comedy is. Now, the joke won't work if you get extra creative or weird/gross, so keep it real, and we can all have a laugh. I did a special edition commentary with some dear friends for a movie we did, and I'm looking forward to seeing it come out again.

Now before I get too ahead of myself I have to say that I’m not going to put up a front and pretend like I am cool enough to be a “browncoat” or that I have been actively part of the Joss Whedon fandom universe. I bow my geek head in shame as I admit that I barely got around to watching The Firefly series a little over a month ago. I feel the obligation to do a good deed as a newbie. I recommend that you guys buy the firefly series (20 bucks at Target) the show is seriously great fun. If you like scifi and Joss W. you wont be disappointed. OK back to me confessing my fandom sins. I have only seen about 40 episodes of Buffy and Serenity wasn’t on the top of my list of things to watch ( I watched Serenity before firefly and I sooo wish I would have done it the other way around). Every time I have watched something that Joss Whedon has been a part of I am never left disappointed. My friend V (no I’m not delusional I don’t mean V from V for Vendetta) got really addicted to Buffy and watched all 8 seasons in like a month or something insane. Since I am equally as insane or more so I think those 8 seasons are my next assignment. Yikes.

Animated Office Gif Credit to Three Nails and Finger painter from LJ

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