Sunday, March 18, 2007

When did he find the time to become a lawyer?


WTF? Is Lil' Adama aka Capt. Apollo trying to rebel against his father at like what 30 years old? Leave that for the teenagers Lee. Also where did Lee get that suit? Do they just have Prada stashed away just in case they are going to have a trial or do they have suit makers on board? Its not like they are a race of humans fighting for their existence or anything? I really think that Lee is a frakking douche bag for giving President Roslin the 3rd degree. What are his credentials as a lawyer? Just because someone in his family was a lawyer doesn't make him qualified, in that case I'm a lawyer too!
The funniest line of the night had nothing to do with Apollo. It was actually recited by his papa "your my oldest friend Saul you would never embarrass me" HA HA what a joke. That man(Saul) embarrasses me just by standing there with his eye patch! Saul was out of control. Great episode!! I can't wait for the season finale next week. It looks sooo good! Who are the final five? Will we see Starbuck again?

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