Thursday, March 22, 2007

My TV Boyfriend....UNTS

By now if you have been reading you know that I have a variety of TV boyfriends. I took a silly quiz on Ivillage and I was so scared I was going to get McDreamy as my definitive TV BF! I picked "Doctor" as my boyfriends profession because thats the hottest right ? Which totally should have set me up for doom, thank goodness my other answers outweighed that one.

your TV boyfriend is:

Jim Halpert (John Krasinski)
Sweet, sweet Jim. As cute as he is charming and sensitive, and able to make you feel good and have a big laugh any time you need it. Jim's worldview may seem a bit limited -- after all, it's largely a ragin' case of apathy that keeps him locked in to his "could do it with one hand tied behind his back" job at Dunder Mifflin -- but that's also part of his appeal; the love of one good woman is all this tall, cool drink of water needs to make him happy. Nice choice in TV boyfriends!

For those of you that don't know what UNTS means think of the best music you have ever heard. Now close your eyes (not while reading this post obviously) you have your eyes closed and there is a beat that's so powerful its running through your veins..all you hear is the unts,unts,unts of the beat. The moment is perfect, you could either start dancing in excitement or simply enjoy the moment but either way life is good. The word is already catching on trust me.


DEE said...

oh my gosh i took the quiz and got jim too! too bad. i wanted it to be locke.

JD said...

I think that its rigged. The BF took the test and he got Jim as well...yeah Ben took it! hahaha he liked his man rugged:)