Sunday, March 18, 2007

sexy lexy and other stories

There are shows that I have unconditional love for. I guess its kind of like a love for a child or family..OK maybe not THAT kind of love but using the same kind of analogy the show can go on a path that you might not understand or they might disappoint you in some way but you still love them. Am I being over dramatic? Yes. I however don't see myself as a stupid person. I know Smallville has its major flaws and the cheese factor is sky high. My love for super heroes supersedes my disdain for crap shows. Not saying this is a crap show by any means because let me tell you this last episode was off the hook (sorry I thought since I was talking about cheese I would use cheesy tactics). Moving on.

My SEXY LEXY is no longer a free man!! I really didn't think Lana would go through with the wedding. I guess she had no other choice though (that LL is an SOB). How could she resist that beautiful bald head! Didn't she look amazing OMG so much to talk about not enough room! I know I'm totally in the minority but I prefer Lex to Clark any day. Anyway I wonder how they will write LEX out of the smallville universe. I love the show enough to keep on watching after he is gone but it will never be the same without my other TV boyfriend LEX LUTHOR. If you don't already know Michael rosenbaum has decided that season 7 will be his last. I think that Smallville has had an incredible run. I hope the producers understand how important Lex is to the smallville universe and not only because of his hotness but because of the mythology they have created on their show. Seven seasons is very respectable and I would be a happy fan if they ended it on a high note.
Just for fun the LEX/ZOD/CLARK fight because I love the trench coat!! Oh the fight is good too!

PS. Who else misses the Hotness the was the Green Arrow?

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