Sunday, March 11, 2007

Off the hook!

I'm a geek. A girl geek at that. The word "GEEK" doesn't offend me, its actually kinda chic to be a geek(omg I rhymed). Did I say chic?!!! Yes I said it. Geek is kind of like a pair of expensive designer jeans that look all worn and have holes in them. I'm sure our parents never thought that raggedy jeans would be in style and that people would pay hundreds of dollars to look like they live in a very expensive gutter right? With that said, geeks are taking over. Mark my words.

OK so this is a place where TV FANDOM can roam free and you can be as obsessed or excited about any aspect of your favorite TV show. I'm really hoping that they didn't make shirts like this for people like me.

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