Thursday, July 5, 2007

Transformers and a Little Actor Named Shia Labeouf

Sometimes I feel like a 12 year old boy stuck in a 23 year old womans body. No joke. This feeling happens every so often when I geek out, or in the month of July. Yesterday I saw a little art house flick called TRANSFORMERS, have you heard of it? To sum up my experience of the movie in two words or less...IT ROCKED! Yeah I'm really eloquent. Seriously, the special effects were unbelievable and Shia Labeouf's character was really likable and funny. I swear that kid has really outdone himself; who would have known that the little awkward kid from Disney's Even Stevens would have turned out to be such a handsome leading man. His Co-star Megan Fox on the other hand is a horrible actress. I understand that she is smoking hot and kind of slutty looking (isn't that a requirement for an action movie babe?) but the director could have found an equally attractive woman to play the love interest of Shia. Am I right? I mean pretty girls are a dime a dozen in Hollywood but genuine talent is rare.Eh who cares, Shia would have stolen the scenes from her anyway*.
OK going back to feeling like a 12 year old, there was moments in the movie where I just wanted to raise my fists in the air and scream "yeeeeeeahhh Kick his butt" "This is sooooo AWESOME". I restrained myself out of respect for my boyfriend, but I'm telling you guys,I was THIS close. If you haven't seen it you really should. Watching this movie in the theaters is an experience in itself. I haven't had this much fun watching a movie in a really long time. I felt like my 10 bucks were well spent. I did however have to wait like 2 hours in a theater for the movie to start. We are hardcore like that(remind me never to go to the movies on the fourth of July).

Here is a picture of Shia the beef (Labeouf) and a very classy Megan Fox being nothing but friends at the MTV movie awards.

Do you guys remember David Silver aka Brian Austin-Green from 90210? Well Ms. Fox is engaged to him. Good luck to them, really.

* I swear I'm not being a hater towards MF because she is gorgeous, although I would kill to have a body like hers. She is just a really bad actress.

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Anonymous said...

talk about class, this girl also posed for Maxim so I don't really expect much from her in that regard. but she is really pretty. and Shia LaBoeuf is fucking sexy.