Sunday, July 8, 2007

I'm Excited For SuperBad

Release Date: August 17th

I love Michael Cera more and more as the days go by. For those of you who watched Arrested Development (if you haven't stop reading this and go buy it at Target) he played the cousin loving teenager; George Michael Bluth. His new movie coming out called 'SuperBad' was written by Seth Rogen (Knocked Up, Freaks and Geeks) and produced by Judd Apatow (40 year old virgin) and looks hilarious. If the people behind this are any indication of what is in store for us, then I'm really excited. Anyway, Michael Cera has some of the best comedic timing I have ever seen. He plays the role of the awkward teenager so perfectly that he makes you believe that maybe he fumbles his way through real life. I doubt that is the case though. Here is a summery of SuperBad via AOL:

'Superbad,' a coming-of-age cautionary tale about two socially inept teenage boys about to graduate high school. Theirs is a ridiculously dependent friendship -- but now they've gotten into different colleges and are forced to contemplate life apart. Evan (Michael Cera) is sweet, smart, and generally terrified. Seth (Jonah Hill) is foul-mouthed, volatile, and all-consumed with the topic of human sexuality. This is the story of their misguided attempts to reverse a lifelong losing streak with the ladies in one panic-driven night... that awful, humiliating night you cherish for the rest of your life.

Check out this funny picture I found of Michael Cera online (yeah, he's the kid in the background)
It gets me every time.

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