Monday, July 9, 2007

Portia Is No Longer Unemployed

For some reason reading this snippet of information reminded me of the episode of Arrested Development where Lindsey gets a job offer (hair commercial) so she goes shopping and sleeps through her first day (thus, spending money she doesn't have). God, I miss Arrested Development. Anyway, Portia De Rossi is coming back to our small screens. Unfortunately it's not in anything nearly as good as AD. From Entertainment Weekly:

Portia will be one of many guest stars to appear on the new season of "Nip/Tuck". She will play the mother of an emo teen, "She's witty and confident and she's gay, which is really exciting." says Portia of her character.

I used to LOVE Nip/Tuck but after last season I couldn't bear to waste my time with that trash. Yeah, I turn on you quickly. And since when did middle aged journalists (I'm assuming) start describing teens as emo? Good for Portia though, at least now she can buy Ellen a gift and take pride in paying for it herself. I just had a vision of being a kid and buying my parents gifts that were from "me" but really wondering how they could possibly be from "me" if they paid for it. I was a strange kid. SOURCE

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