Friday, July 6, 2007

My Love Is Not Unconditional: Adam Brody Edition

What the hell happened to Adam Brody?! I used to have the biggest fangirl crush on him back in his early OC days. I never thought the day would come when I would renounce my love for him and toss him aside like yesterdays news. Look at him! He has just turned into this really greasy, unkept, dirty LA hipster.What the hell is up with that atrocious pornstache? Ever since Rachel Bilson broke up with him he has gone downhill at the speed of lightning. they were so cute on and off screen. It's too bad that he doesn't shower anymore and is probably on the verge of being addicted to (insert your substance of choice). Check out these classy pictures of him making out with god knows who...
Remember the days when he was really adorkable and clean? The days before he was jaded or exposed to the Hollywood life? The days before The OC sucked? I guess there is always reruns and old youtube videos to remind me of the good ol' days. Hopefully he finds a girl that will inspire him to shower, shave, and put some Visine in his eyes.

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