Monday, July 9, 2007

J.J Abrams' Likes To Play With Our Heads

J.J. Abrams' is seriously going to be the death of me. Not only did he create the most mind boggling show in TV history but now he likes to mess with us while we are at the theater. It's not enough for him confuse us in our homes but now he does it while we are waiting for [insert movie] to play. I recently saw Transformers as most of you know and they played a preview for something that seriously left me saying "what the frak"??!! You can watch a really crappy bootleg version of the trailer below.

In a similar fashion to the LOST fandom, fans of Abrams are flocking to the internet trying to put the pieces together. Yeah, I got suckered into this mess too. As you can see, I couldn't save the pictures from the official website (1-18-08) so I used the ever handy print screen button on my computer. Why even have a website if you can't click on anything! What could this movie be about? Godzilla? War? The monster from Lost?
To read a description of the trailer visit BUDDY TV

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