Monday, July 9, 2007

Kelly Kapoor Strikes Back!

A tad spoilerish for those who are squeamish or who haven't watched the season finale. Yeah, I really love Mindy Kaling.

Get ready for the revenge of the ditz.

Mindy Kaling, lovable, overly enthusiastic Kelly on NBC’s “The Office” (Thursday at 9 p.m. on WHDH, Ch. 7), revealed what viewers can expect when the series returns for a fourth season in the fall.

As viewers recall, in the final moment of the May season finale, Ryan (Newton native B.J. Novak) unceremoniously dumped Kelly after getting a big promotion.

“I think that Ryan is in for it,” Kaling said recently. “I don’t think Kelly would even know where the phrase ‘hell hath no fury’ is from or even know what that means, but we’re going to see that literally enacted upon Ryan, which I think is going to be funny to see. My character is kind of such a sweet ditz, so to see her be scorned and turned into Medea will be really fun and a challenge as an actor.”

Kaling, who is in town visiting her family in Cambridge, is a writer on the series. Even though her contract included a performer clause, she initially wasn’t sure she would be on the series, let alone part of an ongoing story line.

“B.J. is a writer and we would spend 14 hours a day writing, and then I think (executive producer) Greg Daniels noticed our dynamic and thought it was funny because we squabble a lot as writers. And then I think that it was because Ryan was almost too straight as a character. He didn’t have a lot of adversity in the office. So to have this character be completely smitten with him made his character a little more interesting.”

The Dartmouth grad believes Ryan and Kelly bring a dose of reality to the series. “Everybody loves seeing Jim and Pam and identifies with them and unrequited love. But I think more people than would want to admit are actually like Kelly and Ryan, where you’re in love with somebody but you don’t realize that you’re being stalkerish or unwelcome,” she said. “We always say we’re like the real couple, the most realistic couple on the show, and that Jim and Pam are like this wonderful beautiful fantasy.”

While on vacation here, Kaling was busy writing the sixth episode of the season.

“We get to see a character who we think is no longer going to be on the show any more,” she said cryptically. “Someone who we think is long gone. They make an appearance so I was excited about the script.”

Last season, her parents played Kelly’s parents in the episode “Diwali,” which she wrote.

“My parents loved it so much,” she said. “Every time I’ve come home since then, they’ve been like, ‘When are Kelly’s parents going to make an appearance again?’ It was very funny for them to play these really supertraditional Indian people. It was as much of an exaggeration for them as Kelly is for me.”

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