Friday, July 27, 2007

Comic-Con Lost Panel 07

Hey guys! I'm really rushed and tired as hell so I will post a quick recap what went down on the Lost panel yesterday at the San Diego Comic-Con. Before I go on I just want to express how hardcore the fans were yesterday. The line was out of control! We must have waited for a good four hours in line to get into this panel. Anyway, as most of you must know by now, Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse announced at the TCAs a couple of days ago that Harold Perrineau aka Michael would be back on the show as a permanent fixture. I guess they were a little bumed that they couldn't announce this to the fans first so we got the next best thing...Harold Perrineau himself! A girl was asking a question about Michael and if he was only going to come back in flashbacks (or forwards) and all of a sudden Harold Perrineau came strolling in. It was a really pleasant surprise, the crowd went wild. Obviously the producers/writers can't say too much without ruining the mythology of the show so they brought bells and rang them when questions went a little too far (it was really funny). They did touch on a couple of important things.

* We will be seeing a combination of flash backs and flash forwards

* The scene we saw with Kate and Jack off the island in the season finale is not the end of the series. We will be seeing MORE into the future than that!

* They will conclude Libby's story before the end of the series

* We will be finding out more about the never aging man aka Richard Alpert but we will have to wait because Nestor Carbonell is working on other projects

* We will also get a Danielle Rousseau flashback and back story before the end of the series

* They will be done writing the first 14 out of 16 episodes when the first episode of season four airs.

*There will be no breaks during the Lost season, they will air all 16 episodes consecutively.

* When asked if Jack and Claire were ever going to find out that they are brother and sister they rang the little bell (indicating that the question couldn't be answered) but Lindelof shook his head yes

I can't begin to express how nice and appreciative Cuse and Lindelof were to the fans. I'm really anxious for the new season.

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