Monday, July 16, 2007

More Office News-Kind Of Spoilerish...

First and foremost, I love John Krasinski's old man sexy. I also can't believe that we get a whole month of hour long office episodes in September! ( By The Way, I spy a very yummy bearded Jason Lee on that panel!)

MeeVee and The Office LJ community have a bunch of info about the NBC comedy press conference held today. Here is a quote from the MeeVee Article:
(John Krasinski)

"I think they've proven time and time again that if you go against the grain, you might succeed. Case in point was on 'Booze Cruise,' all that buildup to me finally being able to tell her I love her, and then just 27 seconds of silence. I mean, that was genius," Krasinski said.
Take a moment to click on the link above, It's an interesting read.

Some tidbits from a bunch of different places!

-Daniels is complaining about spoilers online and Krasinski says, "My bad! Needed a little extra cash! Dishing the secrets!"

-Krasinski on how a network-wide NBC "Green Week" on enviro themes will affect Dunder-Mifflin: "We're a paper company, so we're screwed."

-From Ausiello:
Office e.p. Greg Daniels believes the Jim-Pam love story "has more impact when it's not carrying the weight of the entire show." He also hints that he's not a huge fan of NBC's shmaltzy (and ridiculously misleading) Jim-Pam promos.

-From John Krasinski: Jenna Fischer has fully recovered from that nasty spill she took during upfront week.

-From TvSquad:
Are doing DVD extras a pleasure or a pain? "We over produce so much, we've got [lots of extras for DVDs]," says Daniels.

-From Ausiello
Just scored some post-sesion scoop from John Krasinski: He confirmed that Rashida Jones would be back for a handful of episodes at the start of the season.

From Watch with Kristin:

-Rashida Jones, aka Karen Filipelli, will be back this fall. Greg Daniels and company were able to work out a deal where she’ll show up for at least an episode or two when The Office returns this fall.

-Jenna is doing fine, though still recovering from her May injury, and will most definitely be sitting behind the reception desk at Dunder-Mifflin come September, but the producers may have to go easy on her the first few episodes. Says Daniels, “Luckily Pam sits a lot on the show.”

-We’ve seen the last of David Denman, aka Roy, for the time being, since he’s been fired and is no longer dating Pam. However, he’s not dead and, according to Greg, could return at any time.

-We will see more of Ryan this season! There will be great stuff between Michael and Ryan, now that Ryan’s the boss. But sadly for Kelly, things between her and Ryan are not going well.

-Jan really is moving into Michael’s condo, and when I asked if she’ll be wearing stretch pants, Greg Daniels was kind enough to confirm.

-The hourlong episodes (announced earlier this year) will be the first four of the season, probably because Scrubs won’t be on yet.

-The season-three DVD drops Sept. 4, and Daniels says they overproduce so much, there will be about five or six hours of extras on it.

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