Monday, May 14, 2007


Don't you hate when someone asks you which news you want to hear first the good or the bad? Of course you want to hear the bad because now that you have been informed that there is bad news how can you enjoy the good? Anyway I have good news and bad news! Which one do you want to hear first? Alright the bad. Friday Night Lights has officially been moved to (drum roll please) Friday night. The good news, it's not canceled. Why is it bad news that a show that ironically enough has Friday in it's name is moving to that night? It's the place where shows get moved to die. Who actually watches TV on Friday nights? Even I a self proclaimed TV addict usually go to a movie and dinner (or something date like) with my boyfriend. Thank god for DVRs but the question is do DVRs count with ratings? I'm glad that I get to experience more FNL but will it get the boot midway through the second season if the ratings drop? Anyway if you haven't watched Friday Night Lights you need to go on and watch the entire season for FREE!!! I watched it after the season was over in one long marathon (OK it took like 2 days) but it was well worth it. Trust me.
PS. Kyle Chandler is a sexy mofo even in this picture above.


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