Thursday, May 3, 2007

What the crank did Entertainment weekly do to the hotness?

The hottest cast (Lost is tied with these foos) on TV is on FIVE covers of Entertainment Weekly. Normally I would be thrilled but there is a problem. The people over at EW did something funky with their photoshop because there is something wrong with all the covers! Adrian Pasdar(big bro Petrelli) looks like a freaking gargoyle! Greg Grunburg(Matt Parkman) looks like he wants to kiss Peter (which is the only one who looks the hotness)! The cover with Claire and her dad looks a little romance novel-esque and the one with Sylar and the old dude is just confusing? Why did they lipo sylars face? What the crank is going on! The cover with Ali Larter looks fine I guess but she will always remind me of the slutty cheerleader from varsity blues so I say BARF. My biggest complaint though is with People magazine and what they did to Mohinders Hair. Guys with curly hair should not straighten it. The end.


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