Friday, May 18, 2007

The temp got the job and I got my Jam fix

I'm going to start off this entry with the scene from last nights OFFICE finale that I along with many other people had been waiting for.
The Jim/Pam storyline came full circle and I couldn't be happier. I was convinced that nothing was going to happen on that front and thank god I was wrong. It's very late and I should be in bed but I think I'm going to blog and watch CSI instead. So do you guys think that Jim left Karen stranded in NY? The evil girl in me really hopes so but I doubt it maybe he called her on the phone and was like "we are dunzo I'm asking Pam out"! Probably not but what we do know is that he didn't drive back to Scranton with Karen in the car. If he didn't break up with her I'm sure she will have to break up with him because he rushed home just to ask Pam out on a *date*. I was also glad that we saw a flashback to Jim's response to Pam's speech in the Beach Games Episode. Totally sweet. Can I also comment on how CUTE Jim looked with his new non homeless man haircut! For you haters (yes you know who you are) I am still sticking to my guns that JIM/JOHN is one cute mother-fer! I know this isn't the Jim and Pam show but I really can't help myself. I really loved Pam's look when Jim asked her out. The Office is very unconventional in the way they tell a story so I really hope that for once in TV history the writers don't feel like they have to break up a couple to keep people watching,after all people do watch for the comedy and not the angst (we have Grey's for that). Did I say Comedy? Bring it on bitches. Ryan is now the big boss!!!! I can't wait until the office finds out! This plot changer is going to guarantee some amazing laughs. My favorite Comedy scene was when Dwight and Angela were talking in the break room about consolidating power. Man oh man. I'm sure I will post more thoughts,videos and pictures from the season finale as the days go by because with the TV season finally wrapping up I have to find interesting ways to get my fix. Viva la JAM.
For those who haven't watched the UK version here is a clip that holds many similarities to the Jim/Pam ending for this episode. Viva The Office.

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