Thursday, May 17, 2007

I want a side of Jam please! haha I feel 13..

I feel like a 13 year old girl who draws hearts over her I's (who am I kidding I still do that shit)! I am so excited for tonight's season finale of THE OFFICE! This season has been FULL of angst for the Jim/Pam relationship. Honestly they are my favorite TV non couple but I would rather see them as friends and pulling pranks on Dwight than crying and acting all sad and crap. Of course I wouldn't object to Jim breaking up with that tramp of a girlfriend he has going and hooking up with fancy new Beesly but alas I don't think that will happen. Alright so who on earth is going to get the job in NY? Jim,Karen or Michael? My guess is Karen but that kind of seems to obvious right? The thing that bugs me about that scenario (it's about the only thing because I want them to get rid of her) is that she doesn't seem to have much experience and everyone else vying for the job seems to outrank her. Either way it seems like in all the interviews I have watched and read about the season finale someone is getting the job in NY and JAM fans shouldn't be expecting anything because unlike last year this year the finale is all about Jan and Michael. Whatever, I'm excited either way and it should be a fun hour of TV watching. Don't forget the show starts early 8oclock and it's an hour long! Woooohooooo. Do you think Dwangela will be outed? Will Kelly end up pregnant? Will Kevin get married to that lady that doesn't really like him? Thank god this finale is a lot less stressful than the LOST one because let me tell you I will probably not be able to sleep after I watch next weeks LOST.

To keep with the 13 year old theme I have going I'm posting this insanely funny teeny bopper video someone posted at an OFFICE community. *Warning* It features the most annoying song on the radio right now and my 10 year old niece LOVES IT. Enjoy

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