Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Office clips! + Spoiler

Here are links to some clips from this weeks episode "Woman Appreciation"! Dont forget people The Office is supersized this week and it starts at 8:35-9:20 .If you don't want to be spoiled don't watch! The Yahoo clips had me laughing so hard I almost cried.
Yahoo clips
Best scenes from last week!

In other spoiler news E! Kristin had a little spoiler put up on her website this week and let me tell you. A) I don't believe her.B) whats up with the vague spoiler!
Paul in San Francisco: Any news on the Office finale?
I'm hearing you Jam fans will be pleased! Yayaaay! (Pam's gotta keep him away from that Renée Zellweger, who our man's been seen with, right? Tee-hee. Just kidding, R.Z. But seriously, hands of MFH.)

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