Tuesday, May 1, 2007


I just finished watching Veronica Mars and all I can say is DAMN RIGHT MOTHERFRICKERS! I won't give recaps because there are plenty of sites that do that your here for the commentary and to hear me geek out right? I'm so glad the Logan/Veronica romance got axed because Logan is a pathetic motherfer. I also have always rooted for Piz because let's face it I love the underdog and boys who seem shy and awkward. Don't get too attached though peeps because we all know VM is in trouble and might not get picked up next season and "Piz" just signed up for Private Practice(Grey's spinoff). However long it lasts is good for me. On another note how great was VM tonight? I really hope that the ratings go up because lord knows it pissed me off that the Skank hoe dolls got better ratings than Veronica Mars in that time slot. People are idiots.

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