Sunday, June 24, 2007

Warning: A huge crush is an after effect of this video

I have to put a huge disclaimer before I post the following video. I'm warning you men, women, children, and the elderly will all fall in love with John Kraskinski after this interview. Hurry up and watch it before the nasty NBC people take it off of YouTube.

Um? Shall we recap! Best line of the night "oh, you bleed... that's weird" a very honorable mention " I'm sure he watches a lot of office though, he wants to turn over..." and the simultaneous "but he can't"! Sweet baby Jesus was that good! Like any great obsessed fan I have heard some of those stories before but let me tell you, they never get old. I really liked the George Clooney story and the great imitation of Sarah's crazy friend. You can't go wrong with Conan but if you add a little Krasinski things just get out of control in a way that makes me feel like a crazy person. Did you fall in love? Do you have a crush now? Are you googling Krasinski and looking at You Tube interviews now? I thought so. Proceed with caution though ladies and gents, it can get a little consuming.

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