Sunday, June 24, 2007

Another Reason to Hate Fox...

I have to admit that no matter how busy life gets I have to watch TV. The thing I love about half hour (usually works out to 22 min) comedies is that you can watch them with little commitment. I guess it's kind of like going on a date for the first time; you can stay or ditch out depending on how it goes. I fucking love Judd Apatow (freaks and geeks, 40 year old virgin, knocked up)! I have known for a long time that he created another failed TV series after Freaks and Geeks but like the douche I can be I didn't give it a shot. See, I'm not a fan of the college sitcom; I actually think that Saved By the Bell the College Years ruined me on them forever. After watching Knocked up a couple of weeks ago my love for this comedic writer got awakened and I decided to give UNDECLARED and shot. I don't understand how the FOX network can live with itself! What the fuck FOX seriously? Really?!! They go and cancel one of, if not the best TV show of all time (Arrested Development) and continually cancel great original creative comedies (firefly anyone?). Granted, Undeclared isn't as good as Freaks and Geeks but it still makes me laugh, which says a lot. Seth Rogen, Jay Baruchel and Jason Segel Kind of own the funny. I haven't finished watching the 16 episode season but I'm pacing myself because there is nothing worse than knowing that it is over.

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