Monday, June 25, 2007

Man Vs Wild

I feel like a lazy bastard when I watch Man Vs. Wild. I'm a pretty picky eater, and claim that I am starving when I haven't eaten for like four hours. How the hell does Bear Grylls (not his real name) do it? Man Vs. Wild is a survival show on the Discovery channel. The man eats anything and everything to keep himself alive. I recently saw him on Oprah, and gosh darn it, if Oprah endorses him than I'm game! The funny thing is that I have always heard how Oprah has this immense amount of influence on people and popular culture today; I am now officially one of those people. Yikes.

Yes, That video is not fake. Poop!
Not only is Mr. Grylls Christian Bales sexier, manlier, long lost cousin;he's enthusiastic and quite a personality. He kind of reminds me of a subdued Steve Irwin.
My only complaint with Man Vs. Wild is that every so often I am taken out of the show because I'm wondering:

A)Does the cameraman starve himself along with Bear or is he eating beef jerky and drinking Gatorade while poor Bear Grylls eats maggots?

B)Does the cameraman carry a sleeping bag and a temper-pedic pillow, while Bear sleeps on rocks?

C)Did Bear really drink his own pee or was that lemonade flavored Crystal Light?

Either way, the show rocks my world. Check it out. MAN VS. WILD

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